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Lite-Deck Perfectly Completes Your PolySteel Project

Lite-Deck from PolySteel is a super-strong, super-insulated roof and floor system which perfectly completes the thermal and structural envelope of your insulating concrete form (ICF) project.

You will experience peace and quiet from inside to outside and upstairs to downstairs

Lite-Deck is the system of choice for roofing and flooring your PolySteel project. Now available through your PolySteel Distributor, Lite-Deck has many advantages over other poured concrete floor/roof systems:


4-foot wide sections are available in addition to 2-foot wide sections for faster installation.
  2", 4" and 6" Top Hat sections are quickly attached to the Base Section to produce the finished joist form. Allow for floors that can span greater distances or support heavier loads.
  There are six distribution sites for service throughout the U.S.
  Lite-Deck is more cost-efficient.

Lite-Deck also offers:


Clear spans up to 40 feet
  Forms produce nominal values of R-30 and more
  Steel attachment members for drywall and fixtures
  Increased jobsite safety
  Reduced labor and shoring requirements
  An ideal solution for insulated tilt-up walls
  Horizontal to vertical slopes

Photo of Lite-Deck Floor & Roof System for ICF Construction

Example of Lite-Deck Roof System for ICF Construction

Lite-Deck is a trademark of Lite-Form International. al.
U.S. Patent Numbers 4765109, 4916879, 4886310, 5039058, 5209039, 361710, 4866891, 4885888, 4706429, 4730422, D378049, Canadian Patent Numbers 1314727. Patent Pending Worldwide.



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