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There is an unprecedented sense of security you will feel when living or working inside a PolySteel structure.  The feeling of security may come from knowing you are protected by walls of solid concrete or the quiet strength of PolySteel that you can actually sense.

4-Hour Fire Protection
Ideal For Seismic Zones
Withstands Tornados and Hurricanes
National Code Approval

Protection from Mold and Termites

Perhaps the most important of all the benefits of building your home with PolySteel is the safety and security it provides your family.  Proven resistance to
tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes as well as unparalleled fire protection, make a PolySteel home the safest place to protect you and everything you love.

Fire Safety

American PolySteel is the first insulating concrete wall system to pass the rigors of a 4-hour fire test without the addition of any wall coverings required to assist in its performance.  More >

PolySteel's unique steel ties hold the EPS foam together, further insulating the walls and providing added protection on the side unexposed to the flame.

PolySteel's extremely low toxicity, smoke development, and flame spread, make our walls safer from the hazards of fire.

The air tightness of PolySteel structures also inhibits the oxygen needed to allow a fire to spread rapidly.

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PolySteel walls are 4 to 9 times stronger than the maximum design earthquake load required by the Uniform Building Code. Any PolySteel structure built with our insulating concrete forms can be engineered to be resistant to seismic conditions. 

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A PolySteel home is the safest place to protect you and everything you love from the dangers of severe weather.  PolySteel has proven its resistance to tornados and hurricanes.


The Punta Gorda Airport Office in Punta Gorda, Florida was built with PolySteel and sustained minimal damage to exterior finish only.


Metal and block buildings adjacent to the Airport Office were completely demolished.

Severe Weather Protection

PolySteel walls are 2 to 4 times stronger than the maximum design wind load required by the Uniform Building Code.

PolySteel walls have been independently tested to withstand flying debris driven by a 250 mph wind.

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Feel confident knowing PolySteel was the first to receive code approvals from all the major code acceptance services in North America (BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI & CCBC).

PolySteel forms greatly exceed standard building requirements and have received complete code approval throughout the United States.   Codes and More Info >

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You will appreciate that your new project is protected from the danger and destruction of mold and termites.

American PolySteel has licensed the patented termite-resistant technology, Perform Guard, from AFM Corporation, becoming the first major insulating concrete form (ICF) block manufacturer in the industry to incorporate this technology into its product.

Perform Guard is the only code-recognized method that allows foam plastic insulation to be installed below grade in the heavily infested termite areas of the country.

Common Black Mold

Mold requires an organic material, such as wood on which to grow. PolySteel forms contain NO organic material.
Hollow cavities can trap moisture, making traditionally constructed structures vulnerable to mold. PolySteel walls are made of solid concrete and have NO cavities which trap moisture.

Properly ventilated PolySteel structures guarantee low humidity, greatly decreasing the opportunity for mold growth because mold requires a relative humidity of 50% or higher to grow.

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