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As a PolySteel homeowner, you'll save 30 - 80% on your annual heating and cooling costs!  You'll also enjoy lower mortgage costs, less maintenance expense, and reduced homeowner’s insurance rates.

Consider that if you ever decide to sell your PolySteel home, you're likely to recoup all of your investment and more because of its higher resale value!

Energy Savings
Lower Maintenance Costs
Save on Homeowners Insurance
Cost Comparison

Higher Resale Value


We guarantee, in writing, you'll save at least 33% on energy costs over 2x6 stick frame construction with R-19 insulation!  But, depending on where you live, your actual savings are likely to be 30 - 80%!

PolySteel walls are more energy efficient than R-40 insulated 2x12 stick frame walls.

PolySteel walls minimize outside air infiltration, leaks, and drafts.


Walls made of PolySteel perform, on average, like a stick frame wall constructed for R-40 insulation.  This is because the Total Effective R-Value performance of PolySteel consists of three factors:

  • The R-Value of the expanded polystyrene
  • The thermal mass of the concrete
  • The enormous reduction in air leakage.

As a result, PolySteel walls actually perform as high as R-50, or more in some areas of the country!

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The three most common causes of exterior wall maintenance are termites, rotting, and painting.  PolySteel homes are highly resistant to rotting and termites.  Even homeowners in heavily termite infested areas of the country can now enjoy the advantages of PolySteel above and below grade with the recent introduction of PolySteel with Perform Guard
® termite-resistant technology.  The attachment studs of your PolySteel walls will securely hold any exterior you choose, including low maintenance brick, stucco, and stone.

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In most parts of the country, your PolySteel home can be insured for 10 - 25% less than conventional homes because of its resistance to
fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  Ask your local PolySteel representative if discounts are offered in your area.

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On average, the homeowner pays about 4% more for an energy efficient PolySteel home over conventional construction, these initial costs are quickly offset by the monthly energy savings.  View our PolySteel Energy Efficient Mortgage Program.

  Standard Home Concrete Home Comments
Purchase Price $200,000 $208,000 4% more
 and Interest
$1,119 $1,163 7.5% interest rate
20% down payment
Taxes $300 $312 .15% tax rate
Insurance $60 $48 20% savings
Energy $145 $102 30% savings
Monthly Housing Costs $1,624 $1,625 Only $1 more

*From Concrete Homes News


A homebuyer pays 4% more for an energy efficient concrete home. He secures a mortgage with 7.5% interest rate and makes a 20% down payment on the home.  He would pay $44 more on principal and interest and $12 more on property taxes, but saves $12 per month on homeowners insurance and $43 per month on energy bills.  The total monthly cost for the concrete home is only $1 more than the standard home - a small price to pay for the added security, quiet, and comfort.

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If you ever sell your PolySteel home, you're likely to recoup all of your investment! A recent study conducted by ICF Consulting Group concludes that for every $1 decrease in annual energy bills, the market value of a home

increases between $10 and $25.  That means if you save $500 per year on your energy bills, your house could be worth $5,000 to $12,500 more than a stick-frame house!*


*From Concrete Homes News, November 1998

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