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Custom Home Plans

Custom Designed Home Plans for Your PolySteel Home!


PolySteel has partnered with Planetblueprints.com to provide truly original custom home and garage plans designed especially for you and PolySteel construction.

All plans conform to IRC 2003 and UBC standards and come with these outstanding features:

  • Free changes and revisions during the design process

  • Average turnaround time for preliminary design is just 7-14 days

  • All plans are reviewed online and your changes sent to us via email 

  • All plans guaranteed to meet local standards, codes and permit requirements


  • Each blueprint package is a clear and concise set of either 11"x17" or 24"x36" reproducible masters.

  • Each package includes all the information required to obtain permits and contractor bids and to complete the construction.

  • All drawings are computer generated and can be modified to conform to your local building codes at no extra charge.

Click here to view a sample of a typical set of custom home plans.

Site Plan: Shows the property, house, garage locations and sizes, existing buildings, easements, utility connections, etc.

Exterior Elevations: Shows all four exterior views of the building, overall height, width, roof pitch, doors, windows, siding, etc.

Floor Plan: Shows plan view of the building, overall width, depth, doors and window sizes and locations, etc.

Foundation Plan: Shows plan view of the building foundation, overall width, depth, doors rough openings, footing size, (freeze wall if required). Slab thickness and reinforcement information. Anchor bolt size and locations, etc.

Roof Framing Plan: Shows roof in plan view, including rafters or manufactured roof trusses. Shows ridge, slope, eave over hang, vent information, etc.

Cross Sections & Details: Shows a cut-section thru the building, top plate height, wall, roof, and insulation details etc.

Electrical Plan: (optional) A bare electrical plan with a symbols legend, can be supplied if requested.

All work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee! How Do I Order?









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