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10 Basic Steps

Recognized throughout the industry as the company that set the standard for training and technical support, American PolySteel is one of the most user-friendly building systems available. Your local distributor can provide you with the field training and support you need to complete almost any project successfully.

Below is a brief look at the 10 basic steps you need to follow to complete a successful project:

1. Footings and Slabs
Install a standard, level, footing or slab with rebar placed at the intervals required by your building design. Mark the perimeter of the wall with string or chalk lines to guide the placement of forms.

2. Placing Forms
Start with the corners and work towards the center of the wall. Set forms on the footing or slab by applying a bead of foam adhesive, or by setting the first course in wet concrete ("wet set"). Subsequent course of forms can be placed in a running or stack bond.
3. Window & Door Openings
Window and door openings are formed with "bucks", to the rough opening dimensions required using VBuck or properly prepared lumber. PolySteel forms are cut to fit to any shape and size of openings.
4. Bracing
Proper bracing will ensure straight walls. Corner bracing should be placed as soon as possible. Window and door openings should be braced and uninterrupted sections of wall should have bracing every 6 to 10 feet.
5. Steel Reinforcement
Proper reinforcement of PolySteel walls is achieved by placing vertical and horizontal rebar as required by the design of the structure.
6. Concrete Placement
After the walls are checked for plumb and straight, and the job site is properly prepared, concrete is placed in the walls with a pump. The proper concrete mix, slump, placement equipment and crew are essential to your success.
7. Finishing the Wall
The top of the wall is leveled off (screeded) and anchor bolts are placed to secure the top plate. In high wind areas, hurricane straps are placed directly into the concrete.
8. Install Floor & Roof Systems
For intermediate floors, the rim joist (ledger) is anchored to the PolySteel wall with a Simpson ICF Hanger system, or anchor bolts. Roof trusses are installed to the top plate or straps as you would in any other type of construction.
9. Install Utilities
Electrical and plumbing lines fit easily, and in accordance with code requirements, by simply cutting a channel into the foam with a hot knife and placing the wiring or piping in to the wall. Larger plumbing lines may be required to be set in place prior to placing concrete.
10. Interior and Exterior Finishes
Drywall, and even cabinets, can be screwed directly to the steel attachment studs in the PolySteel forms. Stucco, siding, brick, stone, or other finishes can be secured easily to the PolySteel forms.



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