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Our patented (pending) PolySteel steel tie provides the strength, durability, fire resistance, and dimensional stability that are the hallmark of the PolySteel name.

The open web design of both our steel tied forms and our NEW PolyPro composite tied form provides superior concrete flow and consolidation ensuring the strength and performance of the entire wall system.  PolySteel forms simply produce stronger concrete. PolySteel is the only ICF Manufacturer to offer you a choice of steel or composite ties and flat wall or waffle grid forms.

With PolySteel, you can be assured, you have selected the right form for your project, a form manufactured to the highest standards and backed by proven performance.

4-Hour Fire Protection
Withstands Tornados and Hurricanes
Blast and Ballistics Tested
Ideal For Seismic Zones

National Code Approval

PolySteel Produces Stronger Concrete


Perhaps the most important of all the benefits of building your home with PolySteel is the safety and security it provides your family.  Proven resistance to
tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes as well as unparalleled fire protection, make a PolySteel home the safest place to protect you and everything you love.

Fire Safety

American PolySteel is the first insulating concrete wall system to pass the rigors of a 4-hour fire test without the addition of any wall coverings required to assist in its performance.  More >

PolySteel's unique steel ties hold the EPS foam together, further insulating the walls and providing added protection on the side unexposed to the flame.

PolySteel's extremely low toxicity, smoke development, and flame spread, make our walls safer from the hazards of fire.

The air tightness of PolySteel structures also inhibits the oxygen needed to allow a fire to spread rapidly.

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A PolySteel home is the safest place to protect you and everything you love from the dangers of severe weather.  PolySteel has proven its resistance to tornados and hurricanes.


The Punta Gorda Airport Office in Punta Gorda, Florida was built with PolySteel and sustained minimal damage to exterior finish only.


Metal and block buildings adjacent to the Airport Office were completely demolished.

Severe Weather Protection

PolySteel walls are 2 to 4 times stronger than the maximum design wind load required by the Uniform Building Code.

PolySteel walls have been independently tested to withstand flying debris driven by a 250 mph wind.

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PolySteel walls are bullet resistant and have been tested
during blast demonstrations performed at Quantico Marine Corps Base during the Force Protection Equipment Demonstrations in 2003 and 2005.

PolySteel withstood the force of 50 pounds of TNT exploded at a distance of 6 feet with no structural damage.


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PolySteel walls are 4 to 9 times stronger than the maximum design earthquake load required by the Uniform Building Code.
Any PolySteel structure built with our insulating concrete forms can be engineered to be resistant to seismic conditions.

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Feel confident knowing PolySteel was the first to receive code approvals from all the major code acceptance services in North America (BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI & CCBC).

PolySteel forms greatly exceed standard building requirements and have received complete code approval throughout the United States.   Codes and More Info >

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PolySteel forms provide the ideal conditions for curing concrete. These conditions allow the concrete to achieve the greatest strength possible, creating a wall that outperforms traditional construction methods. 

Concrete is created by the chemical reaction of cement combined with water. This reaction, called hydration, requires time and favorable conditions of temperature and moisture. Water is required initially to begin the process by making a cement paste. Once the compound is formed, hydration starts and continues as long as moisture remains. The process stops when moisture is removed by heat and evaporation, but can be restarted by adding moisture, even though this is undesirable.

This chart shows the compressive strength that is formed under various conditions of hydration. When the hydration process is controlled for the first 28 days, that is, when moisture is continually available in the mass, 100 percent strength is obtained. If hydration is continued beyond that point, strength continues to increase, exceeding 125 percent after 180 days. However, notice that various degrees of strength are obtained if improper methods of curing are used.

Chemical action in the concrete mix can be sustained by:

  1. Keeping the concrete wet 24 hours a day, using water and hoses.

  2. Applying a plastic cover over the concrete, trapping the moisture within.

  3. Covering the concrete with burlap, which is kept wet.

  4. Covering the concrete with fresh hay, which is kept wet. This method also aids against freezing.

As you can see, the self-contained environment created by the PolySteel form provides ideal conditions for hydration to continue up to, and beyond, 180 days. This creates a compressive strength in the concrete that exceeds 125 percent of the strength provided by conventional concrete curing methods.

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